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Ranked 159 among Top 200 Engineering Institutions in National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF 2021) declared by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.



S No Title Application No. Current Status
1 System and Method for tracking humans using realtime biosignals 201941042171 Filed and Published
2 System for minimizing crosstalk effect of shells and designing multi-walled carbon nanotube models 201941042460 Filed and Published
3 System for reducing crosstalk delays in electronic devices using a CMOS inverter 201941042515 Filed and Published
4 System and method to improve performance of amplifiers using BIAS current 201941042648 Filed and Published
5 System to obtain finite gain and noise of an electrocardiogram amplifier 201941042674 Filed and Published
6 System and method for generating efficient energy to propel a vehicle 201941024539 Filed and Published
7 Streetlight system and method for generating efficient energy using renewable energy sources 201941024532 Filed and Published
8 Device Apparatus to Detect Physical Properties and Physical Characteristics of a Cloth 201841033886 Filed and Published
9 Operating and Control System for a Trike Vehicle 201841031240 Filed and Published
10 Device to Regulate Flow of Fluid and Method Employed Thereof 201841031241 Filed and Published
11 System and Method for Generating Electric Power to an Electric Vehicle 201841031239 Filed and Published
12 System and Method for Monitoring and Providing Electric Power to Power Unit 201841031627 Filed and Published
13 DNA Based Encryption System and Method Thereof to Provide High Secure and Reliable Data Transmission 201741018429 Filed and Published
14 Expert Feedback System And Method to Enhance Services of Indian Railways 201741019214 Filed and Published
15 Di-Coptor and Arms Mechanism Thereof 201741040612 Filed and Published
16 Pneumatic Regenerative braking with heat recovery system (PRBHWHRS) for Automobiles 201641016249 Filed and Published
17 A Multipurpose Dual Mode Drafter 3021/CHE/2011 Filed and Published


S No Title Application No. Current Status
1 Wall Slot Cutter 313984-001 Granted and Published
2 Card For Playing Game 313985-001 to 314012-001 Filed
3 Bracket for rectangular with circular ends Curtain Rods 311088 Filed
4 Bird strike protector for Aircraft Engine 311087 Granted
5 Bird strike protector Blade cover for Aircraft Engine 311086 Granted and Published
6 Bird Strike Protector Blade for Aircraft Engine 311085 Granted
7 Spindle Assembly for Automobiles 300078 Granted and Published
8 Chassis for Automobiles 300077 Granted and Published
9 Train Sewerage Segregation System 299907 Granted and Published
10 Train Sewerage Segregating Tank 299906 Granted and Published
11 Train Sewerage Segregating Tank 299905 Granted and Published
12 Train Toilet Commode 299904 Granted and Published
13 Train Toilet Commode 299903 Granted and Published
14 Switch Plate Column for CNC Machine 299814 Granted and Published
15 CNC Machine Fixture 299813 Granted and Published
16 Component Base for CNC Machine 299812 Granted and Published
17 CNC Machine Operator Stand 299811 Granted and Published
18 Automatic Blackboard Cleaning Device 299810 Granted and Published
19 “Wall Mount” for Machines 294699 Granted and Published
20 Threaded Tool 294698 Granted and Published
21 Tapered Tool 294697 Granted and Published
22 Engine Mounting Bracket 294696 Granted and Published
23 Drilling, tapping cum threading tool 294695 Granted and Published
24 Welding Table 280258 Granted and Published
25 Electricity Generating Device 256590 Granted and Published
26 Engine Mounting Bracket 246618 Granted and Published
27 Double Sided Drafting Apparatus 238654 Granted and Published


S No Title Application No. Current Status
1 Earthing and grounding practices 17834/2019-CO/L Filed
2 Programming for Problem Solving 6096/2019-CO/L Registered
3 Electrical circuits 5603/2019-CO/L Registered
4 Engineering mechanics 5633/2019-CO/L Registered
5 Electrical circuit analysis 5606/2019-CO/L Registered
6 Semiconductor physics 5634/2019-CO/L Registered
7 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering 5632/2019-CO/L Registered
8 Vijayaniki Rahasyalenno 16276/2019-CO/L Registered
9 Sree Sukthulu 14871/2019-CO/L Registered
10 Ragile Prema 14362/2019-CO/L Registered
11 Linear Algebra and Calculus for Engineers 12838/2018-CO/L Registered
12 Wave Optics and its Applications 14073/2018-CO/L Registered
13 English Language and Communication Skills for Engineers 13260/2018-CO/L Registered
14 Engineering Chemistry 14153/2018-CO/L Registered
15 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 14013/2018-CO/L Registered
16 Engineering graphics and design 14235/2018-CO/L Registered
17 Programming for problem solving laboratory 14234/2018-CO/L Registered
18 Workshop / manufacturing practices 14230/2018-CO/L Registered
19 Prerana Veechikalu 7934/2019-CO/L Registered
20 Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms through Python 15443/2018-CO/L Registered
21 Automated Examination Seating Arrangement 9618/2018-CO/L Registered
22 Comprehensive Study on Smart Grids 9458/2018-CO/L Registered
23 Learning Analytics on Cloud Based Employability Skill Test Series: Data on Proficiency Tests Performance of Undergraduate Engineering Students 8631/2018-CO/L Registered


S No Title Application No. Current Status
1 IARE (Word Mark and Logo) 3702625 Granted and Published

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