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Campus Placements 2023 : AMAZON (10)    ||     EPAM (11)    ||     AMADEUS (2)    ||     ACCOLITE DIGITAL (3)    ||     VIRTUSA (126)    ||     TCS (52)    ||     TASL (2)    ||     HEXAWARE TECHNOLOGIES (7)    ||     LEGATO HEALTH (5)    ||     DXC TECHNOLOGY (219)    ||     TVARANA (4)    ||     YAMAHA (20)    ||     ACCENTURE (216)    ||     ERNST & YOUNG (38)    ||     COGNIZANT (131)    ||     LTI (51)    ||     TECH MAHINDRA (5)    ||     DELTAX (1)    ||     SMARTSOC SOLUTIONS (1)    ||     BYTERIDGE (1)    ||     TECHNOVERT (6)    ||     VERZEO (5)    ||     CES IT (5)    ||    
It is a matter of great pride that the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE) is ranked one among the Top 200 best Engineering colleges as per NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework), Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India since 2017.

The following faculty are recognised as Research (PhD) Supervisors / Co-Supervisors / External Supervisors:

S.no Name Department College / Organisation Research Area PhD Guiding PhD Produced Scholar Details
1 Dr. L V Narasimha Prasad Computer Science and Engineering Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
Koneru Lakshmaiah University (Deemed), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Soft Computing, Remote Sensing Imagery, and Data Mining
  • Remote sensing and extrapolation of radar reflectivity of aerosols and their climate effects, as well as assessing their potential impacts on hydrological cycle such as precipitation rates, cloud lifetimes and cloud albedo.
  • Application of soft computing and data mining techniques in satellite precipitation nowcasting and an ensemble approach.
  • Source identification and spatial distribution of precipitation areas in convective clouds.
  • Remote sensing and GIS based Distributed Hydrological Modelling, Soil Erosion Modelling, Spatial Decision Support System Development, Urban Growth Monitoring and Modelling.
  • Decision Tree Algorithms
5 0
2 Dr. D Shobha Rani Electrical and Electronics Engineering Koneru Lakshmaiah University (Deemed), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh Solar PV Systems, Synthesis and Characterization of Solar Photovoltaic Materials, Power system Optimization, Power System Reliability
  • Solar PV Technology and Systems, Society & solar energy, Distributed Generation
  • MPPT techniques for Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, Electrical Power Distribution System
  • Solar cell materials, Synthesis of novel phases of hybrid materials, Physical, Chemical, and structural characterisation, and study of their properties
  • Photovoltaic Module and System Reliability, Photovoltaic Performance Modelling
  • Load forecasting, Power system optimization, ANN applications in Power system
  • Reliability Engineering, Power System Reliability Engineering
1 0
3 Dr. P Munaswamy Electronics and Communication Engineering JNTU, Anantapuram Electronic instrumentation control system, Image Processing, Communications
  • Large interconnected modules result in complex systems of higher order and often of interval structure, making the overall study and analysis, time consuming and complicated. Accepting the challenge to state an approximate model of such a system, both system analysts and control engineers, headed towards the model order reduction.
  • Singular perturbations are surveyed as a tool for model order reduction and separation of time scales in control system design.
1 0
4 Dr. V Padmanabha Reddy Electronics and Communication Engineering Satya Sai University of Technology and Medical Science, Madhya Pradesh, NIT Warangal VLSI
  • Area Efficient motion estimation
  • Low power circuit design
  • Footed Quasi resistance
  • GDI Technology
  • VLSI Architecture
2 2
5 Dr. N Sambasiva Rao Computer Science and Engineering JNTUH, JNTUA, KL University Software engineering
  • Application software engineers to metrics
  • Reuse metrics and its applications
  • Development of tools of software metrics
2 9
6 Dr. M Madhubala Computer Science and Engineering Koneru Lakshmaiah University (Deemed), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh Computational Intelligence, Data Mining, Federated Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
  • Internet of Things – Social and Physical IoT models
  • Social Network Analysis – Graph Theory
  • Sentiment Analysis – Multimodal systems
  • Image Processing – Image categorizations
1 0
7 Dr. Hariprasad Kamatam Physics Annamalai University, Annamalainagar
Manasarovar Global University, Bhopal
Koneru Lakshmaiah University (Deemed), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Nano Materials
  • Nano-Crystalline and Nano-Composite Electrolyte and Electrode Materials for Lithium & Sodium Batteries, Super capacitors, Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, Gas Sensors, Photodetectors applications.
  • Thin film functional materials of Gas sensors and photodetectors
3 0
8 Dr. Y Mohana Roopa Computer Science & Engineering Koneru Lakshmaiah University (Deemed), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh Application specific Software Engineering, Machine Learning
  • Adaptive Software Development for specific applications like SME.
  • Automated software architecture debugging, evaluation and code smell detection using Machine Learning.
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence in classical software engineering.
  • Hybrid model of Software Engineering and Deep Learning.
  • Software Defect Prediction using ML.
  • Autonomous systems and Internet of Thing.
  • Nature inspired optimization foe self-adaptive systems.
1 0
9 Dr. Venu Malagavelli Civil Engineering Koneru Lakshmaiah University (Deemed), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh Development of concrete using supplementary materials
  • High Strength Concrete
  • High Performance Concrete
  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Geopolymer Concrete
  • Self Compacting Concrete
  • Rubberised Concrete
  • Recycled Aggregate Concrete
1 0
10 Dr. T Vara Lakshmi Master of Business Administration Annamalai University, Tamilnadu;

Koneru Lakshmaiah University (Deemed), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Priority Sector Lending Practices of Commercial Banks and Digital Payment Services
  • The goal of a PSL initiative is to provide credit to the weaker sections of the society, as opposed to funding only profitable sectors or spaces that are solely important to economic growth.
  • All sectors considered as a priority are able to easily access financial support like apply for loans that the banks are required to allot at a lower interest rate.
  • When banks overreach their PSL targets and need additional funding to raise funds for the priority sectors, they are able to issue PSL certificates (PSLCs) only to the extent of the amount banks are allowed to lend in that specific sector.
3 0
11 Dr. M Purushotham Reddy Information Technology Annamalai University, Tamilnadu. Cybersecurity, Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Machine Learning- Disease Detection using supervised and unsupervised techniques
  • Cybersecurity- penetration testing and providing security
  • Image Processing- Image Compression and fusion
  • Data Science - computing systems for data intensive applications
2 0
12 Dr P Ashok Babu Electronics and Communication Engineering Koneru Lakshmaiah University (Deemed), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh Wireless Communication
  • Signal Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Super Resolution Images
  • Video Analysis
  • Computer Vision
  • Multiresolution Techniques
  • Wavelet Transforms
  • Biomedical Imaging
  • FinFet Technologies
3 0
13 Dr. S China Venkateswarlu Electronics and Communication Engineering Satya Sai University of Technology and Medical Science, Madhya Pradesh
Annamalai University Chennai
MGR University, Chennai
Green Communications, IoT based Speech Enhancement, Digital Communications
  • Speech Enhancement Objective Quality Measures Using Hybrid Wavelet Thresholding
  • Green communication in wireless power consumption and energy-efficient trade-offs
  • Normalization objective improvement of over Noisy Single-channel Speech Enhancement with Neural Networks
  • Wavelet Hybrid Threshold and Window Functions for Speech Enhancement
  • Speech Enhancement Objective Quality Measures Using Hybrid Wavelet Thresholding
  • Wavelet Based Linear Prediction Coefficients for Natural Sounding Speech using Different Windowing Techniques
  • Image Enhancement using filtering techniques
  • IoT based Smart Irrigation System by using Adafruit IO
3 0
14 Dr. R Murali Prasad Electronics and Communication Engineering SunRise University, Rajasthan Wireless Communications and Signal Processing
  • WiMAX Networks
  • 5G Networks
  • Radio Resource Management
  • Bandwidth Allocations
  • Radar Signal Processing
6 0
15 Dr. G V R Seshagiri Rao Mechanical Engineering Koneru Lakshmaiah University (Deemed), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh Machine Design 1 0
16 Dr. J Srisha Devi Computer Science Engineering Koneru Lakshmaiah University (Deemed), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh Speech and Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Digital Forensics, Data Mining, Optimization Techniques 1 0
17 Dr. G Ramu Computer Science Engineering Koneru Lakshmaiah University (Deemed), Guntur, Andhra Pradesh Cloud Computing and Health Care 1 0
18 Dr. Praveen Kumar Balguri Aeronautical Engineering University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Polymer Nanocomposites 1 0

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