IARE Best Engineering College In Hyderabad
Campus Placements 2024 : MICROSOFT (2)    ||     ZSCALER (6)    ||     AMADEUS (5)    ||     ZEROCODEHR (4)    ||     ACCOLITE DIGITAL (6)    ||     EPAM (27)    ||     LUMEN (2)    ||     SEARS (7)    ||     VIRTUSA (5)    ||     ARCADIS IBI (4)    ||     BYTERIDGE (2)    ||     COGNIZANT (1)    ||     ACCENTURE (305)    ||     IBM (4)    ||     UST Global (35)    ||     CAPGEMINI (8)    ||     TECH MAHINDRA (6)    ||     JBM (14)    ||     GREENBOX (8)    ||    
Campus Placements 2023 : AMAZON (10)    ||     EPAM (11)    ||     AMADEUS (2)    ||     JSW GROUP (2)    ||     SEARS (31)    ||     DBS Bank (13)    ||     ACCOLITE DIGITAL (3)    ||     VIRTUSA (217)    ||     LUMEN (4)    ||     TCS (63)    ||     TASL (3)    ||     TATA TECHNOLOGIES (6)    ||     HEXAWARE TECHNOLOGIES (7)    ||     LEGATO HEALTH (5)    ||     DXC TECHNOLOGY (219)    ||     TVARANA (4)    ||     MPHASIS (4)    ||     YAMAHA (20)    ||     ACCENTURE (216)    ||     ERNST & YOUNG (38)    ||     COGNIZANT (131)    ||     LTI (51)    ||     TECH MAHINDRA (5)    ||     DELTAX (1)    ||     SMARTSOC SOLUTIONS (1)    ||     BYTERIDGE (1)    ||     TECHNOVERT (6)    ||     QUEST GLOBAL (4)    ||     VERZEO (5)    ||     CES IT (5)    ||    
It is a matter of great pride that the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE) is ranked one among the Top 200 best Engineering colleges as per NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework), Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India since 2017.

Research Portfolio


Consultancy Projects

(Total Number of Projects)

Total Amount Received

(Amount in ₹ Lakhs)

Consultancy Projects

S No. Financial Year Name of the Faculty Name of the Company/Funding agency Title of the Project Amount Received
(In Rupees)
12022-23Dr. B D Y Sunil, Dr. D Govardhan, Dr. V V S H Prasad, Dr. B Aslesha, Mr. A Rathan BabuM/sSansi RF and Communication System Pvt. Ltd , HyderabadThermal Analysis of Silicon Nitride with more than 3000 degree C in a test chamber with Grahite as heating element.4.3
22022-23Dr. V V S H Prasad, Dr. Ch Sandeep, Mr. C Labesh Kumar, Mr. M Sunil KumarM/s Hitech Services, SecunderabadDesign, Manufacturing and Characterization of Engine Valve Process Parameters1.15
32022-23Dr. B D Y Sunil, Dr. D Govardhan, Dr. V V S H Prasad, Mr. S Devraj, Mr. A Rathan BabuM/s Hitech Services, SecunderabadThermal Characterization of Cold Forming Alloy1.15
42022-23Dr. M Venu, Dr. U Vamshi Mohan, Dr. M Madhusudhan ReddyASK Assolciation and Construction, Sangareddy.Designing an Optimal Building Layout for Residencial Space2
52021-22Dr. D GovardhanZieglers Aerospace Pvt. LtdWind Tunnel Testing and Flight Simulations1.58
62021-22Dr. V VijayM/s National InstrumentsUniversal shift register designed at low supply and low power voltages in different nm FinFET using multiplexer0.89
72021-22Dr. V SivanagarajuM/s Sun Seas TechHybrid PAPR reduction technique in OFDM systems Cerformance1.81
82021-22Dr. S China VenkateswarluM/s Diva FoundationsSpeech enhancement using wavelet transform for effective subjective and objective performances1.9
92021-22Dr. P Ashok BabuM/s Diva FoundationsPerformance on brain tumor detection using convolutional neural networks and deconvolution1.98
102021-22Dr. B Ravi KumarM/s MTE Industries Pvt. Ltd., HyderabadComparative study on SVD, DCT and fuzzy logic of NOAA satellite data to detect convective clouds0.65
112021-22Dr. V Kishen Ajay KumarM/s Sun Seas TechBurst scheduling strategy for optical switching in WDM networks0.61
122021-22Dr. B Surekha ReddyM/s MTE Industries Pvt. Ltd., HyderabadVideo figure retrieval based on deep learning representations0.72
132021-22Dr. D SrikarM/s Ananth TechnologiesReconfigurable antenna systems for cognitive radio0.61
142021-22Dr. D Khalandar BashaM/s National InstrumentsSparse representation for image restoration0.97
152020-21Dr. D Govardhan, Dr. A Aravind Rajan, Dr. B Praveen Kumar, Mr. S Devraj, Mr. A Rathan BabuM/s HiTech Services, SecunderabadMaterial Characterization1.82
162020-21Dr. V V S H Prasad, Mr. C Labesh Kumar, Mr. A Venu Prasad, Mr. M Sunil KumarM/s HiTech Services, SecunderabadMaterial Characterization3.13
172020-21Dr. J Sirisha Devi, Dr. V V S H Prasad, Mr. C Labesh KumarM/s HiTech Services, SecunderabadMaterial Characterization2.33
182020-21Dr. Vijay VallabhuniNational Instruments, BangaloreGarbage collector with smart segregation0.91
192020-21Dr. S SivanagarajuM/s Sun Seas Tech, HyderabadDevelopment of monopole antenna-based testing kits0.71
202020-21Dr. S China VenkateswarluAnanth TechnologiesDevelopment of digital signal processing system for an electronic gaming device0.81
212020-21Dr. P Ashok babuMTE Industries Pvt Ltd, HyderabadA method for hierarchal machine learning for an industrial plant machine learning system0.95
222019-20Mr. LingaswamyAccess power care systems, HyderabadDesign and development of various electrical controllers for special purpose applications0.35
232019-20Dr. M Mohana Roopa, Dr.K SuvachalaPinnacle Nanotech India Private Ltd., HyderabadVisitor Management System5
242019-20Dr. P SridharBhagyanagar Electricals, HyderabadDesign and development of various electrical controllers for special purpose applications0.2
252019-20EK Patro, B PadmajaPinnacle Nanotech India Private Ltd., HyderabadDesign and development of Enterprise Resource Planning application5
262019-20Dr. Y Mohana Roopa, Dr.K SuvachalaMythri Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd., HyderabadDesign and development of Visitor Management System5
272019-20Dr. M Purushotham Reddy, Dr.MadubalaMythri Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd, HydarabadDesign and development of Enterprise Resource Planning application5
282019-20Dr. M Purushotham Reddy, Dr.MadubalaMythri Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd, HyderabadDesign and development of Hospital Management application10
292018-19Dr. P Srinivasa Rao, Prof. V V S H Prasad, Dr. VKVS Krishnam Raju, Mr. Prasanth ReddyMTE Industries Pvt.Ltd., Naraspur Road, HyderabadDevelopment of 3D model of the Bed for MTR 36' Model and Development of 2D Fabrication model7.75
302018-19Ms. J HymavathiModi Properties, HyderabadDetailed Soil investigation report0.3
312018-19Ms. B NavyaSAS Infra projects, HyderabadTest reports for different Soil Sample pits0.32
322017-18Mr. B SureshCCL, HyderabadTest report on Cement, Fine Aggregate and CA0.1
332017-18Dr. Ch V K N S N Moorthy,Prof. V V S H Prasad,Mr V Mahidhar Reddy, Mr. V K V S Krishnam RajuMTE Industries, Narsapur, Telangana-502313Development of 3D model of the bed for MTR 36 inches model8
342017-18Mr. G Venkata RamanaSS Reddy & Co, HyderabadRebound hammer0.07
352017-18Mr. B SureshMy home group, HyderabadTest report on Tensile Strength of Steel0.05
362017-18Mr. Suraj BaraikSobha Ltd, HyderabadTest on Cement, Fine aggregate and Coarse aggregate0.07
372017-18Mr. S Selva PrakashMy home group, HyderabadCompressive strength and water absorption0.01
382017-18Mr. B SureshYV Yadav Constructions, HyderabadCompressive strength tests on 28 days of Curing Cubes0.06
392017-18Dr. G Venkata RamanaSri Venkateshwara Constructions, Banjara Hills, HyderbadQuality tests of different water samples0.03
402017-18Dr. G Venkata RamanaSAS Infra ProjectsQuality tests of different water samples0.02
412017-18Mr. B SureshSri Venkateshwara Constructions, Banjara Hills, HyderbadCompressive strength tests and Water absorption of brick0.02
422017-18Mr. K Anand GoudRamky Infrastructure Ltd., HyderabadTest Reports on Cement, Fine Aggregate and Coarse Aggregate0.07
432017-18Dr. J S R PrasadM+W India Ltd., HyderabadUltrasonic pulse velocity on Concrete0.17
442017-18Mr. G Rama KrishnaSS Reddy & Co, HyderabadTest Report on Concrete mix design0.04
452017-18Dr. G Venkata RamanaMTE Industries, Narsapur, TelanganaSurveying of Total Area of MTE industries (8.68 Ac)0.7
462017-18Mr. S Selva PrakashSS Reddy & Co, HyderabadTest Reports on Cement, Fine Aggregate and Coarse Aggregate0.07
472017-18Mr. G Rama KrishnaNavayuga Group, HyderabadTest Reports on Cement, Fine Aggregate and Coarse Aggregate0.07
482017-18Mr. G Rama KrishnaAgrani real estates, Test report for different Concrete Mix Design0.05
492017-18Mr. Suraj BaraikNavayuga Group, HyderabadTest Reports for Different Concerete mix design0.05
502017-18Dr. J S R PrasadAgrani real estates, HyderabadTests for Compressive strengths of cubes0.05
Total Consultancy Amount (in Lakhs) 79.6



In this cost competitive globe for smart application centric in industry and society, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering is running Smart Application Development Cell (SADC) with strength of 62 faculties and 10 supporting team. Department offers the most advanced and emerges with smart solutions with the thrust in the following key areas such as Web, Mobile and smart application development, Business Analytics and Networking.

  • Achievements of SADC
  • Consultancy Services
  • IT Solutions Cell
  • Proficiency of SADC
  • GoLABS - BuildIT

GoLABS - BuildIT:

An online assessment and evaluation Platform (Programming, Aptitude, English Language (Grammar and Vocabulary) and Essay Writing), focused on helping recruiters in initial screening of potential candidates from an ocean of job seekers in an automated way.


  • Conduct online hackathons.
  • Encourage thousands of students / developers to participate.
  • Automated assessment of coding skills.
  • Hire the Best Developers!


  • Web-Based Code Editor requires no installation.
  • Web based editor supports code indentation, reserved keyword highlighting and display of compilation errors.
  • Code can be executed with custom inputs to verify the output manually before submission.
  • Sub-optimal code that is inefficient will only pass some test cases and will get partial marks whereas time-wise optimized code will get full marks.

How It Works

  • Test Creation
  • Test Conduction
  • Reports

Test Types

  • Aptitude Test
  • Programming Test
  • Proficiency in English Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Essay Writing

Proficiency of SADC-CSE:

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering provides consultancy services in the areas of computer based online exam conduction, Development of Websites, Smart Application Development, Insights of Big data, Training on Analytics and Data Visualizations with effective report generation.

Facilities Available:

Sno Name of the Facility

Big data Cluster:

Server: Dell PowerEdge R430 Server, Intel Xeon E5-2623 v3 3.0GHz, 10M Cache, 8.00GT/s QPI, Turbo, 4C/8T Max Mem 1866MHz, 8x8GB RAM, 2x2 TB HDD, DVD+RW drive

Nodes: Dell Optiplex 5040 Mini Tower XCTO Intel Core i7-6700 Processor@ 3.4GHz, 8MB Cache, 16GB RAM, 1TB 7200 HDD and LAN 10/100/ 1000 Mbps


Software: XAMPP, Clementine, ORACLE, Informatica, IBM SPSS modular Server and Rational Rose


IoT setup: Sensors, 3D Printer

Controllers: CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit - 32 GB Edition CanaKit, Arduino Uno


CISCO Network Platform : Network Essentials-CCNA Routing and Switching, IT Essentials, IoT and Cyber Security.

Consultancy Services:

  • Design of Smart, Web and Mobile Applications according to client specifications: We offer consultancy services for design and development of microcontroller based smart, web, Android and IOS Applications.
  • Network design and setup: We will survey the organization and suggest the LAN design (Layout) and necessary equipment for providing network.
  • Data Centric Services:  We offer consultancy services for Insights of Data, Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Forecasting, Data Modeling, Predictive Model and Sentiment analysis.
  • Class room training to graduate trainee engineers in Network Engineering, R Programming, Internet of Things and Informatica.
  • Selection of environment for development of applications as per the requirement of your organization.

IT Solutions Cell:

IT Related Service Activity Performed
Smart Application Development IoT Simulations and IoT Application setup for Bluetooth, Ethernet based remote monitoring and controlling of devices, Wi-Fi based controlling of web server enabled things and cloud based IOT platforms.
Web Application Development Design and Creation of Web sites, Maintenance of Data
Mobile Application Development Android & IOS application Development
Training and Certifications courses CISCO Academy Training and Certifications for Network Fundamentals (CCNA), Introduction to Cyber Security, cyber Security Essentials, Introduction to IoT and IoT Fundamentals, IT Essentials, Programming Essentials in C, C++ Programming and Entrepreneurship.
Data Centric Insights of Data, Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Forecasting. Data Modeling, Predictive Model and Sentiment analysis.
Courses offered on Analytics and Data Visualizations Insights of Data, Data Visualizations, Data Analytics and Quick Report Generations
Training Program Technical Skill Development Program, IT Essentials Awareness Workshops, Skill Development Program

Achievements of SADC-CSE:

  • Design and Development of institute website and office automation which includes BET e-portal login, online fee payment and examination software and maintenance services for MLR Institute of Technology (Autonomous), Hyderabad, Telangana.
  • Design and Development of institute website and office automation which includes LMS/Student/Faculty and domain mail login, online fee payment and maintenance services for MLR Institute of Technology and Management, Hyderabad, Telangana.
  • Design and Development of institute website which includes Student/Parent/Faculty login and maintenance services for Chadalawada Ramanamma Engineering College, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh
  • Design and Development of institute website which includes Student/Parent/Faculty(ICMS) login and maintenance services for Chebrolu Engineering College, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
  • Design and Development of institute website and office automation which includes Student/Employee (CMS) login, and maintenance services for G. Pullaiah College of Engineering and Technology, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Design and Development of website and office automation services for Institute of Aeronautical Engineering include.
IARE Office Automation Features included
Fee Collection Module It facilities dynamic fees structure configuration, fee collection/refund, summary report of payable fees and collected amount.
Reports like fees register, cheque register, pending fees of the student, fees refund register, fees receipt cancel register etc…
Transport Management System Solution for operations control, fleet management, driver information, etc. It manages information like driver license number, license expire information, trip details, Supplier detail.
IARELib Software Features like material management (book, CD, magazine, research papers, Journals etc…), member registration, material issue/return, automatic fine calculation, visitor counts, generate barcode accession numbers, vendor management, book suggestion facility, book reservation etc…
Exam & Result Management System Storing, retrieving, managing and aggregating exam related information. It manages different type of exams (e.g. Semester end exams, mid-semester exam, day to day laboratory evaluation, Continuous Internal Assessment, Online Assignment), seating arrangement, exam marks, remuneration calculation, and SMS result to students.,
IARE Website www.iare.ac.in
Intellect CMS This Module provides access to student, parent and faculty.
Through this student can access his/her personal information, course registrations, attendance, marks and faculty posted assignments and uploading of lab day to day activities.
OPAC Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is web portal developed for accessing library material information. It is used to search all the bibliographic records online. This search functionality includes search based on various criteria like Title, Author, Publisher, Subject, Department, Language, ISBN, Accession, and Material Type etc… It provides material details like author, publication, total copies available, department, edition, material location – Rack – Section, due date, member issued.


Electronics & Communication Engineering deals with the electronic devices, circuits, communication equipments like transmitter, receiver, integrated circuits (IC). It also deals with basic electronics, analog and digital transmission & reception of data, voice and video (Example AM, FM, DTH), microprocessors, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression. It aims to deepen the knowledge and skills of the students on the basic concepts and theories that will equip them in their professional work involving analysis, systems implementation, operation, production, and maintenance of the various applications in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering.

  • Proficiency @IICC
  • Consultancy Services @IICC
  • Facilities Available


All the applications which make our life easier and enjoyable such as Television, Radio, Computers, Mobiles etc. are designed and developed by Electronics and Communication Engineers

  • Design and maintain satellites, which bring TV, telephone and Internet service into remote and rural regions
  • ECE Engineers also creates advanced communication facilities like video conferencing which bring people together from all over the world
  • Develops programs for various control and communication systems 
  • Department IICC cell undertakes sponsored research, collaborative research and industrial consultancy projects through this cell.
  • Through such projects, Department  IICC cell is strengthening the research and development capabilities of faculties, students and involved stake holders.
  • Department IICC cell takes all necessary initiatives to promote innovation skills in faculties and students and participate in industrial and societal problem solving.

Consultancy Services @IICC:

Design and projects consultancy:

  • Design of systems, components and processes in various related technologies and development of system software/application software for offline/online applications.

Advisory consultancy:

  • Preparation of literature survey/feasibility studies and evaluation reports, design verification, tailor made training programs as per needs of industries in related domain, development of laboratories and other educational consultancy, design and conduction of recruitment/entrance examinations.

Facilities Available:

SNO Software’s Available @ IICC ACTIVITIES
  • MATLAB combines a desktop environment tuned for iterative analysis and design processes with a programming language that expresses matrix and array mathematics directly.
  • Using Signal Processing Tool Box we can do, Signal Generation and Pre-processing, Measurements and Feature Extraction, Correlation and Convolution.
  • Digital and Analog Filters design
  • Implementation of different Transform Techniques, Spectral Analysis, Signal Modelling
  • Lab VIEW is systems engineering software for applications that require test, measurement, and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights.
  • Lab VIEW simplifies hardware integration so that you can rapidly acquire and visualize data sets from virtually any I/O device, whether by NI or a third-party.
  • Combined with a graphical programming syntax that reduces programming time, Lab VIEW streamlines complex system design with tools and IP at the forefront of today’s technology
3 Cadence Tools
  • Power modeling and optimization of memory systems
  • Design of low noise amplifier for biomedical applications
  • Low power analog to digital converters
  • Modeling and characterization of FINFET
  • Reconfigurable charge pump based Energy Harvesting System
  • Low power FFT processor for signal processing applications
  • Design and Implementation of Low Power Pipelined FFT Processors Using Self Timed Adders
4 Embedded Software
  • An Embedded system interacts with human developed objects and actions as a means of controlling the industry automotive applications (or otherwise interacting with technology)
  • By using embedded system programming and different advance devices and peripherals, many applications which are useful in day to day life are designed and developed.
  • Real time applications are automobile, navigation system are designed and developed using advance devices like ARM cortexM3, ARM 9 etc…
  • In every part of human life embedded system acts as a friendly device for design and development of everyday household developments
5 PCB Design
  • Understanding of the steps and processes involved in PCB design Process
  • PCB Fabrication Process
  • Schematic Capture using Industry Standard Schematic Capture tools
  • Preparation of Board for Layout
  • Simulation with LT Spice
  • Gerber file Creation and View
  • Practical hands on to demonstrate
6 Training Program
  • Technical Skill Development Program, Electronics Awareness Workshops.


In this cost competitive globe for energy conservation in industry and commerce, Electrical Engineering Department of Institute of Aeronautical Engineering is running Energy Management Cell (EMC) with strength of 26 faculties and 08 technicians. Department offers the most advanced and best in energy conservation solutions with the thrust in the following key areas:

  • Proficiency of EMC - EED
  • Consultancy Services - (CREST)
  • Consultancy Services - (CAPER)
  • Achievements of EMC - EED

Proficiency of EMC - EED:

S. No EnergyRelated Services Activities
1 Energy Audit Electrical System, Electric Motors and Variable Speed Drives, Compressed Air System, HVAC and Refrigeration System, Fans and Blowers, Pumps, Cooling Tower, Lighting System, DG Set System, Boiler, Furnaces, Heat Exchangers, Measurement of Illumination.
2 Electrical Safety Audit Scrutiny of Electrical Hazards, Scrutiny of Static Electricity Hazards, Earthling System Installation & Inspection
3 Testing Induction Motor, Pump
4 PV Solar Feasibility Study, Governing Body Approval Support, Technical Drawing and Design, Data Collection, Performance Testing, Procurement, Tender Documentation, Operation &Maintance.
5 Thermal Imaging Generators, Electric Motors, Transformers, switchgears, UPS, Battery Banks, Furnaces, Boilers, Pumps, Compressors, Chillers, Blowers / Fans, Cooling Towers, Industrial Gearboxes / Bearing
6 Electrical Lighting / Wiring Design Electrical Lighting, Building Electrical Wiring
7 Training Program Technical Skill Development Program, Energy Awareness Workshops, Skill Development Program
8 EMS Implementation Energy Review, Energy Conservation Execution

Licenses own by EMC-EED:

S. No Authorization/ Certification Approving Organization
1 Energy Audit Consultant SBTET, Telangana State Government
2 Electrical Supervisor SBTET, Telangana State Government

Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST):

The following works are carried out by research students in this Group:

  • Hybrid active power filters.
  • Grid connected inverter control.
  • Sensor less BLDC motor control.
  • Position control of PMSM machines.
  • Harmonic detection for use with Active power filters.
  • Digital Control of Scalable AC / DC and DC / DC Converters.

Labs belonging to this group are:

  • Control Engineering Lab.
  • Machines Lab.
  • Measurement Testing and Instrumentation Lab.
  • Power Electronics Simulation Lab.
  • Static Drives Lab.

Center for Advanced Power Engineering Research (CAPER):

The following works are carried out by research students in this group:

Labs belonging to this group are:

  • Condition monitoring of power apparatus.
  • Power Quality monitoring, analysis.
  • Harmonic mitigation devices in power distribution network.
  • Load balancing and power factor improvement.
  • Voltage regulation in power distribution network.
  • Dedicated experimental set-ups for custom power devices.
  • Power system modeling, simulation, optimization, deregulation and restructuring.
  • Power system automation, numerical and digital protection.
  • Energy management systems.
    • High Voltage Engineering Lab.
    • Power Systems Lab.
    • Static Relays Lab.
    • Instrumentation Lab.

Achievements of EMC-EED:

  • Design of Axial flux BLDC motors for Electric Vehicles: We provide consultancy to M/S Aditya Precitech Industries, Hyderabad to design BLDC motors.
  • Design of Automation and Control Systems for Machine Tool Manufacturing: We offer consultancy to M/S MTE industries, Hyderabad.
  • Design of Power Electronic equipment: We offer consultancy services for designing microcontroller based power electronic equipment and PLC based control panels.
Energy monitoring quantification:
S. No Equipment
1 Three Phase Power Analyser (Voltech PM300)
2 Digital Thermo Anemometer (Metravi AV M03)
3 Power Quality Clamp Meter (Fluke 345)
4 Ratio Error of Current Transformer (CT) (up to primary current of 2000 A)
5 Maximum Demand Meter
6 Electric Motors up to 15 kW (20 HP)
7 Thermocouple (Type B, E, J, K, R, S, T)
8 RTD (PT 100, PT 200, PT 500, PT 1000)
9 4 to 20 mA Transmitter
10 Bidirectional energy meter (to measure grid power as well as raw power)
11 Frequency Meter
12 Distortion Meter
13 Power Quality Measurement for AC/DC regulated Power Supplies
14 EMC testing of electrical equipment
15 Distribution Profiler (Megger)
16 Three Phase Energy Meter with Power Quality Analyser (Fluke)
17 Battery Impedance Test Equipment (Megger BITE 3)
18 3 Phase Power Quality Analyser (Krykard ALM 35)


The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been in forefront, since its inception, in offering solutions to field problems through Center for Advanced Analysis Testing and Manufacturing (CAATM). Many MSMEs consult the department for technical advice from faculties having enormous industrial and academic exposure. The Department interacts with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) a State Government initiative for imparting skills. The department focuses on the following thrust areas such as Testing, Manufacturing, Fluid and Thermal Analysis.

  • Consultancy Services@(ME)
  • Clients
  • Achievements- (CAATM)
  • COE’s listed

Consultancy Services Offered:

Material Testing:

The following activity is carried out in material testing

  • Testing of bond index of limestone

Design and Manufacturing

The CAATM is involved in design and manufacturing of the following activities:

  • Design and development of discharge chute for sewerage disposal in the trains
  • Process design and Manufacturing of Run flat systems
  • Design Development of High speed gear box
  • Tooling and fixture development  and manufacturing for thread rolling machine
  • Tooling and fixture development  and manufacturing for spline rolling machine
  • Tooling and fixture development  and manufacturing for rack rolling machine

Fluid & Thermal Analysis

The following works are carried out by research faculty and students.

  • Pressure contours on solar panel for a roof investigation on wind tunnel testing
  • Computational Analysis of a CD Nozzle with SED for a Rocket Air Ejector in Space Applications

Our Clients

  • M/S MTE Industries Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
  • M/SSanathan Industries, Hyderabad
  • BEVCON WAYORS Pvt Ltd/Dalmia Cements, Hyderabad
  • VISAKA Industries Ltd., Secunderabad
  • M/SMedeQuipSevices, Hyderabad
  • Envirotec Engineers (India) Private Limited

Achievements of – CAATM:

The following output has been obtained under the CoE’s

  • Profile machining of aero foil
  • Sprocket machining of chain drives
  • Manufacturing of jigs & fixtures
  • Design and development of CNC Turning center
  • Design of gear box for defense import substitution
  • Collaboration with NIDC
  • Collaboration with TASK

CoE's Listed:

Labs under CAATM:

CoE’s under this category includes

  • CAD/CAM Lab
  • Mechanics of Solids Lab
  • Automation and Robotics Lab
  • Thermo-Fluid Lab


The Department of Civil Engineering has been in forefront, since its inception, in offering its expertise to provide solutions to field problems. Many public sector undertakings and private companies consult the Department for technical advice. Highly experienced and dedicated faculties are the icons of the Institute. The Department has also excellent interaction with various State and Central Government Departments and several Municipal bodies and Urban Development Authorities.

  • Consultancy Services and Facilities
  • Achievements

Consultancy Services Offered:

Material Testing:
  • Tests on Cement Standard Consistency, Initial Setting Time, Final Setting Time, Compressive Strength, Specific gravity etc.,
  • Tests on Sand: Sieve Analysis, Bulk Density, Unit Weight, Specific Gravity, Bulking characteristics, Silt Content etc.,
  • Tests on Coarse Aggregate: Sieve Analysis, Bulk Density, Unit Weight, Sp. Gravity, Aggregate Crushing Value, Aggregate, Impact, Flakiness & Elongation Index
  • Compressive Strength of Cement Concrete Cubes
  • Compressive Strength of Bricks
  • Water Absorption of Bricks
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Bulk Density
  • Dimensional Analysis
Available Facilities:
Sno Name of the Facility
1 Vicats apparatus (IS 5513)
2  Lechatlirers apparatus (IS5514)
3 Slump and compaction factor set up
4 Specific gravity bottle 50ml
5 Los angles abration test machine(IS: 10070) 
6 Devals Abrasion Test Machine (IS 2346 parti IV)
7 Compressive testing machine of 2000KN capacity
8  Bulking of fine aggregate
9 Aggregate crushing and impact value apparatus
10 Workability test on SSC
11 Air Entrainment Test
12 Marsh cone test
13  Permeability of Concrete
14 Rebound hammer
15  Accelerated Curing Tank
16 Compaction factor test
17 J-Ring
18 Flexural Testing Equipment for concrete 
19 Rectangular beam mould for Flexure
Structural Engineering
  • Structural Designs for different types of buildings
  • Structural Designs for bridges Non-Destructive testing on Concrete structures
  • Rehabilitation of different types of structures
  • Testing of concrete Structures
  • Testing of concrete making material, cement and Aggregate
Available Facilities:
Sno Name of the Facility
1 Universal testing machine for conducting tension test
2 Torsion testing machine
3 Brinnell's hardness testing machine
4 Compression testing machine 
5  IZOD impact machine
6 Maxwell\'s theorem verification set up
7 Continuous beam set up 
8  Shear testing machine
9  Spring testing machine
Geotechnical Engineering
  • CBR Test
  • Shear strength parameters of soil
  • Bearing Capacity of soil
  • Standard penetration test
  • Consolidation test
  • Index properties of Soil
  • Field density of Soil
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Compaction characteristics of soil
  • Lab Permeability test on soil
  • Lab permeability tests on soil
Available Facilities:
Sno Name of the Facility
1 Liquid limits apparatus with grooving tools 
2 Plastic limit apparatus
3 Shrinkage limit apparatus
4 Sand replacement apparatus
5 Cylinder core and rammer
6 Mechanical sieve shaker
7 Compaction test apparatus
8 CBR test machine
9 Consolidation test apparatus 
10 Unconfined compression test machine
11 Vane shear test apparatus
12  Triaxial cell, compression test machine
13 Direct shear test apparatus
14 Permeability apparatus (constant and variable head)
15 Pycnometer 
16 I.S sieves
17 Hot air oven 
18 Measuring jars
19 Electronic balance (0.5 gm sensitivity) 
20 Electronic balance (5 gm sensitivity) 
21  Porcelain Dishes
22 GI trays (60 x 60 cm)
23 GI trays (30 x 30 cm)
24 Moisture cans
`25 Sampling tubes
26 Sample extractor
27 Standard Penetration test equipment
Water Resources
  • Water Resources System Planning
  • Urban Water Management
  • Watershed Management
  • Land and Water Management
  • Water Distribution systems Design
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Design and Analysis
  • Water Quality Management
  • GIS, applications in Water Resources
  Available Facilities:
Sno Name of the Facility
1 Landuse/ land cover maps
2 Water GEMS
3 EPANET Software
4 CAD/GIS laboratory
5 ArcGIS, ArcInfo and MapInfo Softwares
6 Water Analysis Equipment
7 Weather stations
Environmental Engineering
  • Environment Impact Assessment and Environment Management Plans
  • Solid Waste Management
Available Facilities:
Sno Name of the Facility
1 COD digestion apparatus
2  BOD digestion apparatus
3  Muffle furnace 
4 Hot air oven
5 Digital PH meter
6 Flocculator
7 Digital conductivity meter
8  Digital turbidity Meter
9 D.O meter
10 Jar test apparatus
Transportation Engineering
  • Tests on Bitumen
  • Ductility of Bitumen and Softening point of Bitumen
  • Penetration test on Bitumen
  • Specific Gravity of bitumen
Available Facilities:
Sno Name of the Facility
1 Specific gravity bottle 50ml
2 Longitudinal compress meter 
3 Ductility testing machine as per IS:1208 
4  Los angles abration test machine(IS: 10070)
5  Devals Attrition Abrasion Test Machine(IS 2346 Part IV)
6 Aggregate crushing test machine(IS 9376-1979) 
7 Aggregate impact testing machine
8  length and elongation gauges (IS 2389)
9 Ring and ball apparatus (IS 1205) 
10 Penkey martins apparatus (IS 1448)
11 Electronic balance weight machine(30kgs) 
12 Hammer(small) 
13 penetrometer
14  Standard sieve set

Facilities Available

The following works are carried out by research faculty and students.

  • Pressure contours on solar panel for a roof investigation on wind tunnel testing
  • Computational Analysis of a CD Nozzle with SED for a Rocket Air Ejector in Space Applications


  • Performed detailed Soil Analysis for SAS Infra projects, Hyderabad.
  • Tested specimens of Steel for SAS Infra projects, Hyderabad.
  • Tests on Design Mix, Cement, Sand, Aggregates and Cubes for SAS Infra projects, Hyderabad
  • Complete Water Analysis for SAS Infra projects, Hyderabad
  • Non Destructive Tests for concrete samples, Sobha Ltd, Hyderabad
  • Non Destructive Tests for concrete samples, Design Mix, Cement, Sand, Aggregates My home group, Hyderabad
  • SPT test on in-situ Soil, Aprana Constructions , Hyderabad
  • Tests on Bricks, Steel, Aggregates and Cubes, Non Destructive Tests for concrete, YV Yadav Constructions, Hyderabad.
  • Tests on Bricks, Steel, Aggregates and Cubes, SS Reddy & Co., Hyderabad.
  • Tests for Safe Bearing Capacity of soil, Ramky Infrastructure Ltd., Hyderabad
  • Detailed Soil investigation report, Modi Properties, Hyderabad
  • Cement, Sand and Design Mix, Index properties of Soil and water tests, Sri Krishna developers, Hyderabad.

Industrial Consultancy

Full Semester Internship (FSI)

Students have an opportunity to work on their project work to enrich their learning experience with hands-on internship programme for full duration of semester (either in VII or VIII semester) at leading organizations. These include Tata Advanced Systems, Cyient, MAQ Software, Excers, Byjus, Aricent, CITD-MSME, and Aptroid amongst many others.

Consultancy Services

Industrial consultancy center caters to the needs of students in terms of industrial consultation, and R&D services. Besides, the industry-institute interaction helps students to become aware of emerging technologies and engineering methodologies as this will have a great bearing on the engineering curriculum and subsequent placement of young undergraduates/postgraduates in industries.

Support Programmes

Gaps in curriculum in each semester / year are identified and bridged through short term courses, industrial visits, seminars, workshops, and conferences. Going beyond the classroom, these programs provide students with a “University plus” experience.

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