S. No Name of Faculty Dept. Title Application No. Status
1 Dr. L. V. Narasimha Prasad CSE Prediction of Rainfall using Pressure Points, Image Processing and Data Mining 78788622 Granted 
2 Dr. K G K Murti  ME A Method of Manufacturing of an Electronic Sensor  180204 Granted 
3 Dr. K G K Murti  ME A Method of  Coating Alumina Ceramic Body with Titanium  175027 Granted 
4 Dr. U S P Rao  ME Automobile Fuel Saver  6003/CHE/2013 Filed 
5 Mr. M V Aditya Nag  ME A Multipurpose Dual Mode Drafter 3021/CHE/2011 Filed 
6 Mr. M V Aditya Nag ME Electricity Generating Device D256590 Granted 
7 Mr. M V Aditya Nag ME Engine Mounting Bracket D246618 Granted 
8 Mr. M V Aditya Nag ME Double Sided Drafting Apparatus D238654 Granted 
9 Prof. D. Shobha Rani EEE Straticity 69522458 Filed