Research Projects

2016 - 2017

S No Funding Agency Title Name of the Principal Investigator Amount (in Rs) Status
1 DST Paspula Ravinder Secured Data Transmission using Variable DNA Sequence Technology 36,66,000 Submitted
2 DST Dr. M. Madhu Bala Balancing the Human Diet Towards Having Healthier Lives by Applying Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Techniques 49,32,389 Submitted
3 DST Dr. K. Rajendra Prasad Effective Social Intelligent System for Big Data Sentiment Analysis 38,00,000 Submitted
4 UGC Dr. G. Ramu Design of Efficient and Secure Framework for Healthcare System Using Cloud Computing and Personalized Medicine 48,30,000 Submitted

2015 - 2016

S No Funding Agency Title Name of the Principal Investigator Amount (in Lacs) Status
1 DST Expert System for Automation of Train Toilets Sewerage Disposal at Specified Location Dr. R V Krishnaiah 91.07 On Going
2 DST Advanced Frequent Pattern Growth and Clustering for Data Streaming Ms. Y Deepthi 24.0 Submitted
3 DST VLSI Implementation of Analog to Digital Converter using Model of Neurons for Blood Glucose Monitoring Dr. K Nehru 40.03 Under Consideration
4 UGC Characterization of Aluminum Alloys using Spot Welding and Riveted Joints Methods for Aerospace and Automobile Applications Dr. K G K Murti 7.3 Submitted
5 UGC Experimental setup for Dissimilar thickness by Spot Welding for Low Carbon Steel for Automobile and Household Appliances Dr. Kancha Sammaiah 8.5 Submitted
6 UGC Expert System for Automation of Sewerage Disposal from Train Toilets Dr.R V Krishnaiah 5.0 Submitted
7 UGC Direction Length Code based Image Retrieval Dr. G D Jasmin Regila Rani 5.0 Submitted
8 DST Implementation of Human Tracking Device using Biofeedback Signals and developing an Intelligent Algorithm for estimating the Emotions Dr. M Ramesh Babu 38.10 Submitted
9 DST Development of Piezoelectric Ceramic Resonators with enhanced Electromechanical Coupling for Energy Efficient Ultrasonic Motors Dr. Rizwana 35.0 Under Consideration
10 DST Grid Tied Samrt Multifunctional Solar Inverter Dr.P Mallikarjuna Sarma 299.1 Submitted
11 DST Correlative Cluster Based Imputation for Treatment of Multiple Missing Value Attribute in Data Analytics Dr M Madhubala 39.41 Submitted
12 DST Visual Cluster Assesment System for Big Data Analytics Dr. K Rajendra Prasad 44.16 Submitted
13 DST Development Novel Alogorithm for Genaration of Automatic Alert Based on Real Time Bio - Signals Dr. M Ramesh Babu 35.83 Submitted

2014 - 2015

S No Funding Agency Title Name of the Principal Investigator Amount (in Lacs) Status
1 UGC Design and Development of an Institutional Repository in Institute of Aeronautical Engineering Ms. Valli P V S 2.7 On Going
2 DST Development of Hybrid power system for conversion of wind, solar and human energy to meet domestic power requirements Prof. V V S H Prasad 40.0 Submitted
3 UGC Evaluation of Spot Welds and Weld Bond Joints of Aluminum and Low Carbon Ssteel Sheets Dr. K G K Murti
Dr. Kancha Sammaiah
19.75 Submitted
4 AICTE Modernization and Removal of Obsolete Microwave, RF and Antenna Instruments and Components in MRFA lab Field: Microwave and RF Prof. V Sheshagiri Rao 15.6 Submitted
5 UGC Fabrication of Intelligent Piezoelectric materials suitable for High Power Electromechanical Systems Dr. Rizwana 19.93 Submitted
6 UGC Designing and Development of Thin-film Coated Fiber Optic Sensor for Detection of Hazardous Gases Areas of Specialization : Fiber optic sensors Dr Jayanth Kumar 20.0 Submitted

2013 - 2014

S No Funding Agency Title Name of the Principal Investigator Amount (in Lacs) Status
1 AICTE Engineering student projects development and innovations center Dr.G Poshal 50.0 Submitted
2 AICTE IARE e-Learning center for promoting technical education Dr. G Poshal 50.0 Submitted
3 AICTE Aerospace vehicle structures (FDP-AVS) Dr. Govardhan 7.0 Submitted
4 AICTE CAD/CAM, CAE and Manufacturing (FDP-C3M) Prof. V V S H Prasad 7.0 Submitted
5 AICTE Mathematical modeling and numerical study of the oscillatory circuits based on lienards Mr. K Jahan Mohan Rao 9.0 Submitted