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Campus Placements 2022 : AMAZON (8)    ||     CAPGEMINI (157)    ||     TCS (116)    ||     COGNIZANT (235)    ||     IBM (38)    ||     ACCENTURE (263)    ||     WIPRO (316)    ||     LTI (20)    ||     JWS GROUP (3)    ||     INFOSYS (18)    ||     HEXAWARE (12)    ||     MPHASIS (157)    ||     ACCOLITE (10)    ||     EPAM SYSTEMS (1)    ||     TEMENOS (10)    ||     VALUELABS (37)    ||     OPTUM (7)    ||     VIRTUSA (59)    ||     MU SIGMA (23)    ||     AMADEUS (3)    ||     TVARANA (3)    ||     VERZEO (25)    ||     ZENSAR (40)    ||     REVATURE (6)    ||     CLOUD 4C (1)    ||     DBS (37)    ||     INFOR (10)    ||     ADANI GROUP (3)    ||     DELOITTE (7)    ||     ALIENS GROUP (1)    ||     BYJUS (2)    ||     ITC INFOTECH (12)    ||     BELCAN (7)    ||     WILEY - MTHREE (3)    ||    
It is a matter of great pride that the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE) is ranked one among the Top 200 best Engineering colleges as per NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework), Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India since 2017.

Examination Procedures

The office of “The Controller of Examinations” has been established from the month of June 2016 since the conferment of Autonomous to the institution. The Controller of Examinations (COE) office is responsible for the announcement of academic calendar, preparation of question papers, conduction of continuous internal assessment (CIA) tests and semester end examinations (SEE), valuations of answer scripts, announcement of results, printing and issuing of grade sheets to the students and recommendations to the University for the award of degrees.

There shall be examinations at the end of each semester, for odd semesters in the month of October/November; for even semesters in April/ May. A candidate who does not pass the examination in any course(s) may be permitted to appear in suplementary examination.

Attendance Requirements and Detention Policy

It is desirable for a candidate to put on 100% attendance in each course. In every course (theory/laboratory), student has to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance including the days of attendance in sports, games, NCC and NSS activities to be eligible for appearing in Semester End Examination of the course.

For cases of medical issues, deficiency of attendance in each course to the extent of 15% may be condoned by the College Academic Committee (CAC) on the recommendation of Head of the department if their attendance is between 79% to 65% in every course, subjected to submission of medical certificates, medical case file and other needful documents to the concerned departments.

The basis for the calculation of the attendance shall be the period prescribed by the institute by its calendar of events. For late admission, attendance is reckoned from the date of admission to the program.

However, in case of a student having less than 65% attendance in any course, s/he shall be detained in the course and in no case such process will be relaxed. A candidate shall put in a minimum required attendance at least three (3) theory courses for getting promoted to next higher class / semester. Otherwise, s/he shall be declared detained and has to repeat semester. Students whose shortage of attendance is not condoned in any subject are not eligible to write their semester end examination of that courses and their registration shall stand cancelled.

A student not be promoted to the next semester may seek readmission into that semester when offered next. If any candidate fulfills the attendance requirement in the present semester, he shall not be eligible for readmission into the same class. Any student against whom any disciplinary action by the institute is pending shall not be permitted to attend any SEE in that semester.

Promotion Policies

The following academic requirements have to be satisfied in addition to the attendance requirements for promotion / completion of regular B.Tech programme of study.

For students admitted into B.Tech (Regular) program

  1. A student shall be promoted from IV semester to V semester of program of study, only if s/he fulfills the academic requirement of securing 50% of credits from the examinations held up to end of III semester including supplementary examinations.
  2. A student shall be promoted from VI semester to VII semester of program of study, only if s/he fulfills the academic requirements of securing 50% of credits out of which all 48 credits from I and II semesters shall be completed, from the examinations held up to V semester including supplementary examinations.

For students admitted into B.Tech (lateral entry students) program

A student shall be promoted from VI semester to VII semester only if s/he fulfills the academic requirements of securing 50% credits from the examinations held up to V semester including supplementary examinations.

Question Paper Pattern:

The semester end examinations (SEE)  is conducted for 70 marks of 3 hours duration. The syllabus for the theory courses is divided into FIVE units and each unit carries equal weightage in terms of marks distribution. The question paper pattern is as follows. Two full questions with “either‟ “or‟ choice will be drawn from each unit. Each question carries 14 marks. There could be a maximum of three sub divisions in a question. The emphasis on the questions is broadly based on the following criteria:

50 % To test the objectiveness of the concept
30 % To test the analytical skill of the concept or
20 % To test the application skill of the concept

Issue of Hall Tickets for Autonomous Examinations:

Students who enroll for a PG / UG programme shall appear for all the semester end examinations need to register for the semester end examinations through ‘On-line’ registration system. The online exam registration link is available in the Samvidha portal (samvidha.iare.ac.in).

In case of students having arrear examinations, they need to choose the arrear courses at the time of online-submission of exam applications. The fee for arrear courses alone need to be paid through college office/bank separately. Upon successful completion of the online exam application procedure within the stipulated time period as communicated by the Controller’s office, the student may take out his own ‘Hall-Ticket’ in the printed format from Intellect CMS portal.

The student may not be able to apply for the online examination using his registration details if s/he has semester payment dues. If s/he falls short of the required percentage of attendance, s/he may not be able to download the Hall-Ticket.

Note: The online exam application weblink and hall ticket printing facility may be kept open for students’ access only for a limited period of time as will be announced during the end of each semester. Beyond this time period, no student may have access to do so. Students who fail to apply through online mode for semester examinations may not be permitted to appear for the exams under any circumstances. Students who fail to print their own hall-ticket within this ‘access-period’ may not be permitted to appear for the exams under any circumstances.


Evaluation of answer books for all examinations (CIE & SEE) shall be done centrally. All the answer scripts are scanned on the day of examination and encoded with auto-generated codes The theory papers of CIE are evaluated by internal faculty and SEE are evaluated by the external examiner identified from reputed institutions.

Makeup Examination

The makeup examination is conducted to benefit the students who missed the CIE in one or more courses due to medical grounds as well as for those who missed the CIE on genuine grounds. Students can register and write either CIE-I or CIE-II or both by paying a requisite amount.

Revaluation of Assessed Answer Book/s

If the examinee is not satisfied with the marks awarded, he/she may apply for revaluation of answer book in prescribed format online within three (3) working days from the date of declaration of result of the examination or issue of the statement of marks, whichever is earlier. The revaluation facility shall be for theory papers only. The revaluation of answer book shall not be permitted in respect of the marks awarded to the scripts of practical examination / project work (including theory part) and in viva voce / oral / comprehensive examinations.

The re-evaluation will be done by a second independent examiner. The result after re-evaluation shall be as follows:

  • The revaluation marks are considered only if the difference between the original award and award on reevaluation is more than equal to 15% of 70 marks (11 marks).
  • If the difference between the original award and the award on reevaluation is more than 20% (14 marks), a third evaluator is to be appointed and the average of two nearest awards (in the range of 15%) shall be considered.

Revision of Regulations & Curriculum:

The institute may from time-to-time revise, amend and change the regulations and the curriculum, if found necessary. Any such change shall be communicated through Circulars from the Principal’s Office or through Dean - Academic.

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