IARE Best Engineering College In Hyderabad
Campus Placements 2023 : AMAZON (10)    ||     EPAM (11)    ||     AMADEUS (2)    ||     JSW GROUP (2)    ||     SEARS (31)    ||     DBS Bank (13)    ||     ACCOLITE DIGITAL (3)    ||     VIRTUSA (126)    ||     LUMEN (4)    ||     TCS (63)    ||     TASL (3)    ||     TATA TECHNOLOGIES (6)    ||     HEXAWARE TECHNOLOGIES (7)    ||     LEGATO HEALTH (5)    ||     DXC TECHNOLOGY (219)    ||     TVARANA (4)    ||     MPHASIS (4)    ||     YAMAHA (20)    ||     ACCENTURE (216)    ||     ERNST & YOUNG (38)    ||     COGNIZANT (131)    ||     LTI (51)    ||     TECH MAHINDRA (5)    ||     DELTAX (1)    ||     SMARTSOC SOLUTIONS (1)    ||     BYTERIDGE (1)    ||     TECHNOVERT (6)    ||     QUEST GLOBAL (4)    ||     VERZEO (5)    ||     CES IT (5)    ||    
It is a matter of great pride that the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE) is ranked one among the Top 200 best Engineering colleges as per NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework), Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India since 2017.

Courses offered during acedamic year 2020-21

S.No Course Code Course Name Regulation Branch Semester
1 AHSC01 English UG20 AE | CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT | ECE | EEE | ME | CE I,II
2 AEEC01 Basic Electrical Engineering UG20 AE | CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT | ME | CE I, II
3 AEEC02 Electrical circuits UG20 ECE | EEE II
4 AHSC06 Chemistry UG20 AE | CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT | ECE | EEE | ME | CE I,II
5 AHSC02 Linear Algebra and Calculus UG20 AE | CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT | ECE | EEE | ME | CE I
6 ACSC01 Python Programming UG20 AE | CSE | ECE | CSE (CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT | EEE | ME | CE I
7 AHSC03 Engineering Physics UG20 AE | ECE | EEE | ME | CE | I
8 AHSC09 Applied Physics UG20 CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT I
9 AMEC01 Engineering Mechanics UG20 AE | ME | CE II
10 ACSC04 Programming for Problem Solving Using C UG20 CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT | ECE | EEE II
11 AHSC08 Probability and Statistics UG20 CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT II
12 AHSC07 Mathematical Transform Techniques UG20 AE | ECE | EEE | ME | CE II
13 ACSC06 Experiential Engineering Education (ExEEd) – Academic Success UG20 AE | CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT | ECE | EEE | ME | CE I, II
14 AEEC04 Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory UG20 CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT I
15 ACSC02 Python Programming Laboratory UG20 AE | CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT | ECE | EEE | ME | CE I
16 AMEC04 Engineering Workshop Practice UG20 CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT |ECE | EEE I
17 AHSC04 English Language and Communication Skills Laboratory UG20 AE | CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT ECE | | EEE | ME | CE I,II
18 AHSC05 Physics Laboratory UG20 AE | CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT | ECE | EEE | ME | CE I,II
19 ACSC05 Programming for Problem Solving using C Laboratory UG20 CSE | CSE (AI&ML) | CSE(CS) | CSE(DS) | CSIT | IT |ECE | EEE II
20 AMEC02 Manufacturing Practice UG20 AE | ME | CE II
21 AMEC03 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing UG20 AE | ME | CE II
22 ACSC03 Programming for Problem Solving Laboratory UG20 AE | ME | CE II
23 AEEC03 Electrical Circuits laboratory UG20 ECE | EEE II
24 AHSB12 Probability and Statistics R18 AE | ME | CE III, IV
25 AMEB03 Engineering Mechanics R18 ME| CE III
26 AHSB05 Complex Analysis and Special Functions R18 ECE III
27 AAEB02 Engineering Thermodynamics R18 AE III
28 ACSB04 Discrete Mathematical Structures R18 CSE | IT III
29 AEEB09 Network Analysis R18 EEE III
30 AECB07 Digital System Design R18 ECE III
31 AITB01 Object Oriented Programming Through Python R18 CSE | IT III
32 AECB03 Digital Electronics R18 EEE III
33 ACEB01 Surveying and Geomatics R18 CE III
34 AECB08 Probability Theory and Stochastic Process R18 ECE III
35 AECB05 Analog and Digital Electronics R18 CSE | IT III
36 AEEB10 Electromagnetic Fields R18 EEE III
37 AMEB04 Thermodynamics R18 ME III
38 AECB01 Basic Electronics Engineering R18 CE III
39 AECB06 Electronic Devices and Circuits R18 ECE III
40 AAEB04 Mechanics of Solids R18 AE III
41 AHSB14 Business Economics and Financial Analysis R18 CSE | IT | ECE | EEE | ME | CE III
42 AEEB11 Electrical Machines R18 EEE III
43 AMEB05 Manufacturing Processes R18 ME III
44 ACEB02 Building Materials, Construction and Planning R18 CE III
45 AAEB03 Fluid Dynamics R18 AE III
46 ACSB03 Data Structures R18 CSE | IT | ECE | ME | CE| III, IV
47 AECB02 Analog Electronics R18 EEE III
48 AAEB05 Fluid Dynamics Laboratory R18 AE III
49 AAEB06 Mechanics Of Solids Laboratory R18 AE III
50 AITB08 Object Oriented Programming Through Python Laboratory R18 AE III
51 ACSB05 Data Structures Laboratory R18 CSE | IT | ECE | ME | CE| III
52 AECB09 Electronic Devices And Circuits Laboratory R18 ECE III
53 AECB10 Digital System Design Laboratory R18 ECE III
54 ACSB06 C++ Standard Template Library R18 CSE | IT III
55 AITB02 It Workshop R18 CSE | IT III
56 AEEB12 Network Analysis Laboratory R18 EEE III
57 AEEB13 Electrical Machines Laboratory - I R18 EEE III
58 AECB04 Analog And Digital Electronics Laboratory R18 EEE III
59 AMEB06 Manufacturing Processes Laboratory R18 ME III
60 AMEB07 Machine Drawing Through CAD Laboratory R18 ME III
61 ACEB03 Surveying And Geomatics Laboratory R18 CE III
62 ACEB04 Civil Engineering Drawing Laboratory R18 CE III
63 AEEB15 Electrical Machines– II R18 EEE IV
64 AAEB07 Aerospace Structures R18 AE IV
65 AMEB08 Fluid Mechanics and Machines R18 ME IV
66 ACEB05 Engineering Geology R18 CE IV
67 ACSB07 Computer Organization and Architecture R18 CSE|IT IV
68 AECB11 Analog and Pulse Circuits R18 ECE IV
69 AEEB14 Electrical Power Generation Systems R18 EEE IV
70 AAEB08 Aerospace Propulsion R18 AE IV
71 AMEB09 Applied Thermodynamics -I R18 ME IV
72 ACEB06 Fluid Mechanics R18 CE IV
73 ACSB08 Database Management Systems R18 CSE | IT IV
74 AECB12 Analog Communications R18 ECE IV
75 AHSB06 Complex Analysis and Probability Distributions R18 EEE IV
76 AAEB09 Flight Mechanics R18 AE IV
77 AMEB10 Kinematics of Machines R18 ME IV
78 ACEB07 Strength of Materials R18 CE IV
79 AITB03 Theory of Computation R18 CSE | IT IV
80 AEEB16 Control Systems R18 ECE | EEE IV
81 AAEB10 Aerodynamics R18 AE IV
82 AMEB11 Materials and Mechanics of Solids R18 ME IV
83 ACEB08 Materials, Testing and Evaluation R18 CE IV
84 AITB04 Operating Systems R18 CSE | IT IV
85 AECB14 Signals and Systems R18 ECE IV
86 AMEB12 Optimization Techniques R18 ME IV
87 AITB05 Design and Analysis of Algorithms R18 CSE | IT IV
88 AECB13 Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission Lines R18 ECE IV
89 AAEB11 Aerospace Structures Laboratory R18 AE IV
90 AAEB12 Aerodynamics and Propulsion Laboratory R18 AE IV
91 ACSB09 Database Management Systems Laboratory R18 CSE | IT IV
92 AITB06 Object Oriented Programming Through Java Laboratory R18 CSE | IT IV
93 AITB07 Design And Analysis of Algorithms Laboratory R18 CSE | IT IV
94 AECB15 Analog And Pulse Circuits Laboratory R18 ECE IV
95 AECB16 Analog Communications Laboratory R18 ECE IV
96 AECB17 Signals and Systems Laboratory R18 ECE IV
97 AEEB17 Electrical Machines Laboratory - II R18 EEE IV
98 AEEB18 Control Systems Laboratory R18 EEE IV
99 ACEB10 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory R18 CE IV
100 ACEB11 Strength of Materials Laboratory R18 CE IV
101 AMEB13 Fluid Machinery and I.C Engines Laboratory R18 ME IV
102 AMEB14 Materials And Mechanics of Solids Laboratory R18 ME IV
103 AMEB15 Optimization Techniques Laboratory R18 ME IV
104 ACSB41 Java Programming R18 ECE V
105 AECB24 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers R18 EEE V
106 AMEB16 Manufacturing Technology R18 ME V
107 AAEB13 Aircraft Stability and Control R18 AE V
108 ACSB10 Object Oriented Analysis and Design R18 CSE | IT V
109 AECB18 Antennas and Wave Propagation R18 ECE V
110 AEEB19 Electrical Power Transmission Systems R18 EEE V
111 AMEB17 Dynamics of Machinery R18 ME V
112 ACEB12 Mechanics of Material R18 CE V
113 AAEB14 Analysis of Aircraft Structures R18 AE V
114 ACSB11 Compiler Design R18 CSE | IT V
115 AECB19 Linear and Digital IC Applications R18 ECE V
116 AEEB20 Power Electronics R18 EEE V
117 AMEB18 Applied Thermodynamics-II R18 ME V
118 ACEB13 Structural Engineering R18 CE V
119 AAEB15 High Speed Aerodynamics R18 AE V
120 AITB09 Web Technologies R18 CSE | IT V
121 AECB20 Digital Communications R18 ECE V
122 AAEB16 Aircraft Production Technology R18 AE V
123 AITB10 Computer Networks R18 CSE | IT V
124 ACEB14 Hydraulic Engineering R18 CE V
125 ACSB12 Case Tools Laboratory R18 CSE | IT V
126 AITB11 Web Technologies Laboratory R18 CSE | IT V
127 AECB21 Linear and Digital IC Applications Laboratory R18 ECE V
128 AECB22 Digital Communications Laboratory R18 ECE V
129 AECB26 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Laboratory R18 EEE V
130 AEEB21 Power Electronics Laboratory R18 EEE V
131 AAEB17 Computer Aided Design Laboratory R18 AE V
132 AAEB18 Aircraft Production Technology Laboratory R18 AE V
133 AMEB19 Manufacturing Technology Laboratory R18 ME V
134 AMEB20 Theory of Machines Laboratory R18 ME V
135 ACEB15 Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory R18 CE V
136 ACEB16 Concrete Technology Laboratory R18 CE V
137 AHSB15 Project Based Learning (Prototype / Design Building) R18 AE | CSE | IT | ECE | EEE | ME | CE V
138 ACEB17 Engineering Economics, Estimation and Costing R18 CE VI
139 AAEB19 Finite Element Analysis R18 AE VI
140 AMEB21 Heat Transfer R18 ME VI
141 ACEB18 Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering R18 CE VI
142 ACSB13 Principles of Artificial Intelligence R18 CSE | IT VI
143 AECB23 Digital Signal Processing R18 ECE VI
144 AEEB22 Power System Analysis R18 EEE VI
145 AAEB20 Computational Aerodynamics R18 AE VI
146 AMEB22 Finite Element Methods R18 ME VI
147 ACEB19 Geotechnical Engineering R18 CE VI
148 ACSB14 Data Ware Housing and Data Mining R18 CSE | IT VI
149 AECB24 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers R18 ECE VI
150 AEEB23 Electric Drives and Static Control R18 EEE VI
151 AAEB21 Aircraft Systems R18 AE VI
152 AMEB23 Design of Machine Elements R18 ME VI
153 AITB12 Linux Programming R18 CSE | IT VI
154 ACSB15 Data Ware Housing and Data Mining Laboratory R18 CSE | IT VI
155 AITB13 Linux Programming Laboratory R18 CSE | IT VI
156 AECB25 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory R18 ECE VI
157 AECB26 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Laboratory R18 ECE VI
158 AAEB22 Computational Aerodynamics Laboratory R18 AE VI
159 AAEB23 Computational Structural Analysis Laboratory R18 AE VI
160 AEEB25 Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory R18 EEE VI
161 AEEB26 PLC and Industrial Automation Laboratory R18 EEE VI
162 AMEB24 Heat Transfer Laboratory R18 ME VI
163 AMEB25 Fluid Thermal Modeling and Simulation Laboratory R18 ME VI
164 ACEB20 Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory R18 CE VI
165 ACEB21 Reinforced Concrete Structures Drawing Laboratory R18 CE VI
166 ACSB21 Machine Learning R18 CSE | IT V
167 AECB32 Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation R18 ECE V
168 AAEB32 Unmanned Air Vehicles R18 AE V
169 AEEB34 Electrical Energy Conservation and Auditing R18 EEE V
170 AMEB33 Automobile Engineering R18 ME V
171 ACEB26 Concrete Technology R18 CE V
172 AITB20 Internet of Things R18 CSE | IT VI
173 AITB22 Information Security R18 CSE | IT VI
174 AAEB40 Rocket and Missiles R18 AE VI
175 AAEB35 Experimental Aerodynamics R18 AE VI
176 AECB35 Digital Image Processing R18 ECE VI
177 AECB42 Wireless Communications and Networks R18 ECE VI
178 AECB39 Cellular And Mobile Communications R18 ECE VI
179 AMEB39 Additive Manufacturing Process R18 ME VI
180 AMEB35 Computational Fluid Dynamics R18 ME VI
181 AECB63 Principles of Signals and Systems R18 EEE VI
182 AMEB56 Introduction to Robotics R18 EEE VI
183 AEEB41 Electrical Safety and Safety Management R18 EEE VI
184 ACEB30 Design of Steel Structures and Drawing R18 CE VI
185 ACEB34 Design of Concrete Structures-I R18 CE VI
186 AHSB07 Environmental Sciences R18 AE| CSE | IT| ECE | EEE | ME | CE | IV
187 AHSB24 Gender Sensitivity R18 AE| CSE | IT| ECE | EEE | ME | CE | VI
188 AMEB54 Mechanical Properties of Materials R18 AE| CE V
189 AECB55 Microprocessors and Interfacing R18 CSE | IT V
190 AMEB56 Introduction to Robotics R18 EEE V
191 AMEB55 Automation in Manufacturing R18 CE V
192 ACSB32 Computer Architecture R18 ECE V
193 ACSB34 Relational Database Management Systems R18 AE | EEE | ME | CE V, VI
194 AHSB18 Soft Skills and Interpersonal Communication R18 AE | ME VI, VII
195 AAE015 Aerospace Structural Dynamics R16 AE VII
196 ACS011 Cloud Application Development R16 CSE VII
197 AIT007 Cloud Computing R16 IT VII
198 AEC015 Microwave Engineering R16 ECE VII
199 AEE014 Power System Protection R16 EEE VII
200 AME017 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning R16 ME VII
201 ACE015 Environmental Engineering R16 CE VII
202 AAE016 Space Mechanics R16 AE VII
203 AIT008 Software Testing Methodology R16 CSE | IT VII
204 AEC016 Embedded Systems R16 ECE VII
205 AEE015 High Voltage Engineering R16 EEE VII
206 AME018 Computer Aided Design | Computer Aided Manufacturing R16 ME VII
207 ACE016 Advanced Structural Analysis and Design R16 CE VII
208 AAE017 Flight Vehicle Design R16 AE VII
209 ACS012 Big Data and Business Analytics R16 CSE | IT VII
210 AEC017 VLSI Design R16 ECE VII
211 AEE016 Power System Operation and Control R16 EEE VII
212 AME019 Instrumentation and Control Systems R16 ME VII
213 AAE112 Flight Vehicle Design Laboratory R16 AE VII
214 AAE113 Aerospace Structural Dynamics Laboratory R16 AE VII
215 AAE111 Computational Structural Analysis Laboratory R16 AE VII
216 ACS110 Cloud Application Development Laboratory R16 CSE | IT VII
217 ACS111 Big Data and Business Analytics Laboratory R16 CSE | IT VII
218 AIT104 Software Testing Methodology Laboratory R16 CSE | IT VII
219 AEC110 Microwave Engineering Laboratory R16 ECE VII
220 AEC112 VLSI Design Laboratory R16 EEE VII
221 AEC111 Embedded System Laboratory R16 ECE VII
222 AEE111 High Voltage Engineering And Solar Laboratory R16 EEE VII
223 AEE112 Power System Protection Laboratory R16 EEE VII
224 AEE113 Power System Computer Aided Design Laboratory R16 EEE VII
225 AME114 Computer Aided Modeling and Analysis Laboratory R16 ME VII
226 AME115 Computer Aided Numerical Control Laboratory R16 ME VII
227 AME116 Instrumentation and Control Systems Laboratory R16 ME VII
228 ACE112 Environmental Engineering Laboratory R16 CE VII
229 ACE113 Advanced Structural Design Laboratory R16 CE VII
230 ACE114 Project Planning and Development Laboratory R16 CE VII
231 AAE018 Flights Controls Theory R16 AE VIII
232 AEE019 Hybrid Electric Vehicles R16 EEE VIII
233 ACS014 Machine Learning R16 CSE/IT VIII
234 AME020 Automobile Engineering R16 ME VIII
235 ACE018 Foundation Engineering R16 CE VIII
236 AEC024 Embedded Systems Design and Programming R16 EEE VIII
237 ACS013 Information Security R16 CSE/IT VIII
238 AME021 Operations Research R16 ME VIII
239 AHS016 Industrial Management and Psychology R16 CE VIII
240 AAE019 Aviation Management R16 AE VIII
241 AEC018 Optical Communication R16 ECE VIII
242 AAE506 Unmanned Air Vehicles R16 AE VII
243 AAE530 Airport Operations R16 AE VII
244 AIT508 Software Development Methodology R16 CSE | IT VII
245 AIT512 Software Process and Project Management R16 CSE | IT VII
246 AIT511 Software Engineering and Estimation R16 IT VII
247 AEC508 Digital Image Processing R16 ECE VII
248 AEE516 Power Plant Control and Instrumentation R16 EEE VII
249 AEE523 Illumination Engineering R16 EEE VII
250 AME519 Design of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems R16 ME VII
251 AME533 Robotics R16 ME VII
252 AME510 Additive Manufacturing Techniques R16 ME VII
253 ACE509 Ground Improvement Techniques R16 CE VII
254 AAE522 Composites Fabrication and Machining R16 AE VIII
255 AHS601 Intellectual Property Rights R16 AE | CSE | IT | ECE | EEE | ME | CE VIII
256 AHS603 Professional Ethics And Human Values R16 AE | CSE | IT | ECE | EEE | ME | CE VIII
257 AHS605 Clinical Psychology R16 AE | CSE | ECE | EEE VIII
258 AHS606 English For Special Purposes R16 AE | CSE | IT | ECE | ME | CE VIII
259 AHS607 Entrepreneurship R16 AE | CSE | IT | ECE | EEE | ME | CE VIII
260 AHS608 Any Foreign Language R16 AE | CSE | IT | ECE | EEE | CE VIII

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