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Campus Placements 2021 : CAPGEMINI (75)    ||     L&T INFOTECH (40)    ||     TCS (127)    ||     COGNIZANT (105)    ||     INFOSYS (27)    ||     ACCENTURE (122)    ||     MINDTREE (42)    ||     WIPRO (29)    ||     MPHASIS (32)    ||     HEXAWARE (32)    ||     NTT DATA (13)    ||     OPTUM (10)    ||     IBI GROUP (02)    ||     BNP PARIBAS (05)    ||     TEK SYSTEMS (02)    ||     TVARANA (04)    ||     VIRTUSA (01)    ||     HASDEIN TECHNOLOGIES (01)    ||     PURPLE TALK (04)    ||     CARBYNETECH (01)    ||     RENAULT NISSAN (12)    ||     TVS SUNDARAM FASTENERS (17)    ||     MTX GROUP (02)    ||     TASL (01)    ||     MAXVAL (02)    ||     APTROID (01)    ||     WINWIRE (02)    ||     SANDVINE TECHNOLOGIES (03)    ||     KASSTECH AEROSPACE AND DEFENCE (01)    ||     KPIT (02)    ||     CTRLS (05)    ||     ENH iSecure (02)     ||     TRELL (01)     ||     PROKARMA (02)     
Ranked 159 among Top 200 Engineering Institutions in National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF 2021) declared by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.

Choose your Honours or Additional Minors In Engineering

A student will be eligible to get B.Tech degree with Honours or additional Minors in Engineering, if s/he completes an additional 20 credits (3/4 credits per course). These could be acquired through MOOCs from SWAYAM / NPTEL / edX / Coursera / Udacity /PurdueNext /Khan Academy / QEEE etc.

The list for MOOCs will be a dynamic one, as new courses are added from time to time. Few essential skill sets required for employability are also identified year wise. Students interested in doing MOOC courses shall register the course title at their department office at the start of the semester against the courses that are announced by the department. Any expense incurred for the MOOC course / summer program should be met by the students.

Only students who meet the requirements listed below can apply to a Honours / Minor:

  • Students having no credit arrears and a CGPA of 7.5 or above at the end of the fourth semester are eligible to register for B.Tech (Honours / Minor).
  • After registering for the B.Tech (Honours / Minor) program, if a student fails in any course, s/he will not be eligible for B.Tech (Honours / Minor).

Advantages of Minor in Engineering: The minors are having lots of advantages and a few are listed below:

  • To apply the inter-disciplinary knowledge gained through a Major (Stream) + Minor.
  • To enable students to pursue allied academic interest in contemporary areas.
  • To provide an academic mechanism for fulfilling multidisciplinary demands of industries.
  • To provide effective yet flexible options for students to achieve basic to intermediate level competence in the Minor area.
  • Provides an opportunity to students to become entrepreneurs and leaders by taking business/management minor.
  • Combination in the diverse fields of engineering e.g., CSE (Major) + Electronics (Minor) combination increases placement prospects in chip designing companies.
  • Provides an opportunity to students to pursue higher studies in an inter-disciplinary field of study.
  • Provides opportunity to the students to pursue interdisciplinary research.
  • To increase the overall scope of the undergraduate degrees.

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