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It is a matter of great pride that the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE) is ranked one among the Top 200 best Engineering colleges as per NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework), Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India since 2017.


SAE International Aero Design Challenge - 2022

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), organizes Aero Design Challenge (ADC) on international level in three classes namely advanced class, regular class and the micro class. The competition is a platform for both undergraduate and graduate students to get hand on practical experiences for designing and developing aircrafts to counter real problems, concerning which the design requirements are imposed by the SAE ADC committee, composed of people from the aeronautical industry. This year, had two teams registered from IARE headed by Dr. Govardhan Dussa as technical advisor, Dr. Aravind Rajan Ayagara and Mr. Rathan Babu Athota as faculty coordinators for advanced class (IARE ASTRA) and micro class (IARE LAKSHYA) in the SAE ADC East 2022 respectively. The competition was held at Fort Worth, Texas USA between 20 -22 May 2022.

The team IARE ASTRA, secured 16th position in advanced class and the team IARE LAKSHYA at 11th position in micro class in overall standing of the SAE International ADC (East & West) 2022.

Advanced Class:

The mission profile for the advanced class was to counter wildlife fires that had occurred and caused huge ecological and economic damage recently. The mission intends to fly a Primary Aircraft (PA), which holds a small powered autonomous delivery aircraft (PADA). The PADA will host components for a Ground Transport Vehicle (GTV), which shall be assembled on ground. The PA designed here is capable to operating three to five flight rounds to have all the necessary GTV components. Hence, semi elliptical with morphing winglets for effective flying of the PA and a light weight PADA with GTV components. So that the structure of the PADA should be strong as well as light in weight.


S.No Roll No Name
1 18951A21A2 Taha Hussain
2 18951A21B6 K. Vishnu Kumar
3 18951A2174 Saher Fatima Khalid
4 18951A03A6 Umair Khan
5 18951A2138 P. Kundaneshwar
6 18951A2162 P. Nitisha
7 18951A2130 V. Karthikeya
8 18951A2147 Mohammed Talha Hussain
9 18951A2195 S. Moulshree
10 19951A2127 N. Manikanth
11 19951A2178 V. Vedanth
12 19951A2176 J. Sirisha
13 20955A2122 K. Surya Teja

Micro Class:

The mission profile for micro class deals with delivery in an urban environment. The team is given with a set of design constraints such as the total weight of the aircraft, the dimensions of the delivery payload boxes and the payload weight. The team IARE LAKSHYA, had chosen a design that resembles a flat bottom flying wing with payload loaded in the wings, and the leading-edge covers made of acrylic.


S.No Roll No Name
1 18951A21A6 L. Varun
2 18951A2165 G. Pranav Tej
3 18951A2139 N. Lakshmi Narasimhan
4 18951A2115 K. Bhargava Ramudu
5 18951A2149 P. Sumanth
6 18951A2141 Manasa Sagar
7 18951A2109 J. Apoorva
8 18951A2157 P. Niharika
9 18951A2128 R. Jayendra
10 18951A21B1 D. Venkatesh
11 19951A2195 G. Vishnu Vardhan
12 19951A2188 Vamshi Krishna
13 19951A2166 G. Saksham
14 19951A2132 Mohammed Mukkarram Hussain