Courses and Content Delivery

I Semester
  • Embedded Programming Laboratory
II Semester
  • Embedded System Architecture
  • FPGA Architecture and Applications
  • Internet of Things
  • Professional Elective -III
  • Professional Elective -IV
  • Open Elective -II
  • Embedded System Laboratory
  • Application Development Mini Project Laboratory
III Semester
  • Seminar and Technical Writing
  • Massive Open Online Course - II (MOOC - II)
  • Comprehensive Examination
  • Project Work (Phase - I)
IV Semester
    • Project Work (Phase - II)
    Professional Electives
    Group- I: Embedded Systems Group- II: Distributed Embedded Systems and Control Systems
    • Design of Embedded systems
    • Real Time Systems
    • Embedded Computing
    • Hardware Software Co-Design
    • Principles of Distributed Embedded System
    • Embedded Control Systems
    • Intelligent Embedded Systems
    • Robotics and Controls
    Group- III: Embedded Networking and Applications Group- IV: Operating Systems and Embedded System Programming
    • Embedded Networking
    • Embedded Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Wireless and Mobile Communications
    • Image and Video Processing
    • Advanced Operating Systems
    • Embedded Real Time Operating Systems RISC Processor Architecture and programming
    • Embedded Linux
    Open Elective- I Open Elective- II
    • Disaster Management
    • Renewable Energy Sources
    • Automotive Design
    • Embedded C*
    • Advanced JAVA Programming and Web Services
    • Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
    • Geo Spatial Techniques
    • Solar Photo Voltaic Energy Conversion
    • Computer Graphics
    • Microcontrollers for Embedded System Design*
    • Linux Programming
    • Research Methodology
    • Industrial Aerodynamics and Wind Energy