Courses and Content Delivery

I Semester
  • Advanced Concrete Laboratory
II Semester
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Finite Element Method
  • Advanced Steel Design
  • Professional Elective –III
  • Professional Elective –IV
  • Open Elective –II
  • Advanced CAD Laboratory
  • Application Development Mini Project Laboratory
III Semester
  • Seminar and Technical Writing
  • Massive Open Online Course - II (MOOC - II)
  • Comprehensive Examination
  • Project Work (Phase - I)
IV Semester
    • Project Work (Phase - II)
    Professional Electives
    Group- I: Advanced Structural Analysis Group- II: Advanced Concrete Technology
    • Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis
    • Experimental Stress Analysis
    • Theory and Analysis of Plates and Shells
    • Stability of Structures
    • Advanced Concrete Technology
    • Special Concretes and Concreting Methods
    • Pre-stressed Concrete Design
    • Precast Concrete Technology
    Group- III: Advanced Structural Design Group- IV: Multidisciplinary Technologies
    • Plastic Analysis and Design of Structures
    • Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings
    • Design of Tall Buildings
    • Elements of Bridge Engineering
    • Non-destructive Testing and Structural Evaluation
    • Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures
    • Composite Materials for Structural Engineering
    • Green Buildings and Energy Conservation
    Open Elective- I Open Elective- II
    • Disaster Management*
    • Renewable Energy Sources
    • Automotive Design
    • Embedded C
    • Advanced JAVA Programming and Web Services
    • Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
    • Geo Spatial Techniques*
    • Solar Photo Voltaic Energy Conversion
    • Computer Graphics
    • Microcontrollers for Embedded System Design
    • Linux Programming
    • Research Methodology
    • Industrial Aerodynamics and Wind Energy