Talent Transformation

What We Do . . .

 Empowering students by enhancing Employability Quotient

Achievement is a target won by training and habituation. To make the students confident and prepare them for placement, IARE PAT Centre provides every student an extensive 'Training for Improvement of Placement Skills’ (TIPS). PAT challenges the traditional practice of providing placement quotient development training to students only during their pre-final or final year. Realizing that, this is a ‘too little too late’ approach, PAT provides well-structured & comprehensive training from the very first year with regular internal assessment to enable our students to be high achievers in Campus Placement.

Training Schedule for B.Tech

Placement Skill Programmes Focused Objectives Weekly contact hours per semester
II Year I Sem II Year II Sem III Year I Sem III Year II Sem IV Year I Sem IV Year II Sem

Soft Skill 

Enrich English English aptitude enrichment tutorials for employability competency development and also for competitive exams. e.g. CAT/ GATE/ GMAT/ GRE       3 hr. / week    
Inclusive Interaction Proficiency development training for GD & PI, on most occasions on one to one basis         3 hr. / week  
Aptitude Skill Aptitude Adaptation Class-room and software based training for aptitude proficiency development for campus placement and CAT/ GATE/ GMAT/ GRE     3 hr. / week 3 hr. / week    

Technical Skill 

Fount Foundation Remedial tutorials for slow learners in C Programming and Data Structures


2 hr. / week 2 hr. / week        
Sthenic Software Training to amplify software knowledge in C, Data Structure and Java for Campus Placement     2 hr. / week 2 hr. / week    
Tech Target Tailored tutorials to enhance competency in technical concepts for campus placement         2 hr. / week  
CATT Courses Certification in Advance JAVA, .NET, RDBMS and Analytics   2 hr. / week 2 hr. / week 2 hr. / week 2 hr. / week  
Highly complex coding problems Boost your programming skills, Senior level possesses knowledge of heavily advanced programming in the C            3 hr. / week

Pragnya Tests: A unique tool to test your calibre
Pragnya Tests is a unique knowledge assessment tool with an immediate rating meter that helps you present yourself at the job market. PRAGNYA TESTS believes in the concept of "Practice makes man perfect". It is a very useful parameter to test your caliber and exhibit your skills. Currently, it has 72 skill set tests and allows you to take an overall test on the skill set of your choice. Pragnya Tests score will be reflected in your web page of STUDENT CORNER thus helping you get across good job openings.

m-learning: A new path in e-learning process         

m–learning is a new path in learning process. It facilitates conceptual learning with knowledge acquisition. It is a complete package of all the courses consisting of around 12 courses, more than 6000 multiple choice questions and 2000 interview questions (till date) for rigorous practice. We adopted 5p’s concept for our student skill growth.

Spark of the corporate: An inspiration path in your career journey

Spark of the corporate is an innovative approach of IARE. Every fortnight we introduce a successful personality in the emerging corporate world. Spark of the corporate explains the successful journey of the corporate business world. The journey of each spark is designed to ignite the real spark of the audience.