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Computer Aided Manufacturing Centre

The CAM centre provides unique opportunity to get hands on experience for students to develop complete machining solutions for intricate components.It enables students indevelopment of CAD models for round/prismatic components and develops optimal process planning with tool layouts. The students will be taught preparation of off line/online CNC part programming,tool prove outs and manufacturing of complex products. Students extensively use all the machinery/ facilities to take part in amazing student projects like Hybrid Go-Karting, Motion Tracked Excavator, SAE SUPRA Racing Car, All Terrain Vehicle (BAJA) etc. Every day student learns something new from theories of manufacturing to practical industry solutions.
Objectives of the programs:

  • Students will gain a basic understanding of computer numerical control (CNC) machining processes.
  • Operations using a combination of G-codes, milling and turning equipment in the technical center.
  • Offline program will be generated using CADEM and Mastercam.
  • Develop cost effective 3D models for visualization of intricate components.
  • Cope with advanced technology and boost their career in this challenging environment.

The CAM center will introduce students to the processes and operations associated with computer numerical controlled milling, drilling and turning with associated software like CADEM, Mastercam. All of these processes will be controlled by code generated by software, using CAD modeling.Students are expected to apply their knowledge of computer aided engineering and manufacturing processes to class exercises, home work assignments tests and projects. Over the course of the semester, students will program numerically controlled machine tools to manufacture parts. The Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)centre consists of equipment having computerhardware and software for developing and testing NC part programs both online and offline. This course is a combination of lecture and laboratory.

Week Date Content
Week1 Day1 Historical Development Of CNC Machines
  Day2 NC Programming introduction
  Day3 Dimensioning Systems, Axes Designation
  Day4 Interpolation, NC Programming
  Day5 Work Offset, Tool Offest
  Day6 Cutter Radius Compensation
Week2 Day7 Machining Simulation Introduction
  Day8 Features Of CNC, Elements Of CNC Machines
  Day9 The Machine Control Unit For CNC
  Day10 CNC Software
  Day11 CNC Turning Introduction
  Day12 Exercise-1 on CNC Turning M/c
Week3 Day13 Exercise-2 on CNC Turning M/c
  Day14 CNC Milling
  Day15 Exercise-1 on CNC Milling M/c
  Day16 Exercise-2 on CNC Milling M/c
  Day17 3d Printing Machine Introduction And G-Code Generation
  Day18 Printing Prototypes


  • CNC Vertical machining center: having capability of simultaneous motion of 3-axis to machine intricate components using FANUC i-series controller.
  • CNC turning centre: Having capability of simultaneous motion of 2-axis to generate 2D contours using SIEMENS 802 D series
  • 3D Printer: ultimate 3D printing machine for development models complex engineering problems. 


  • The students will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of machining fundamentals including speed and feed calculations, tooling systems, and work-holding systems for CNC milling and turning equipment.
  • The students will get hands on experience of numerical controlled (NC) programming strategies.
  • The students will be able to generate program and operate CNC milling and turning equipment.
  • The students will be able to create Macro programmes for Drilling, Milling loops and canned cycles.
  • The students will be able to generate G-code for 3D-printer and develop prototype models.

Training/Duration: 2 months
Programme Co-ordinator,Centre for CAM
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 7416660976
Mail Id :vanaja.thirunagari@gmail.com